In today’s world, where technology plays an increasingly significant role in all aspects of life, science is also undergoing a revolution. Decentralized Science, also known as DeSci, is a movement aimed at revolutionizing the way scientific research is conducted through the use of innovative Web3 technologies.

What is Decentralized Science (DeSci)?

DeSci is the concept of building a public infrastructure for scientific research that utilizes advanced technologies such as blockchain to create an environment where scientific research is more open, transparent, and accessible to all. Unlike traditional science, DeSci aims to decentralize the research process, allowing for greater flexibility, censorship-resistant collaboration, and easier access to research data.

Comparison with Traditional Science (TradSci)

Compared to Traditional Science (TradSci), DeSci offers several benefits that can revolutionize the way scientific research is conducted:

  1. More sources of funding: Traditionally, research funding often comes from a limited number of scientific institutions or corporations. With DeSci, thanks to the use of blockchain technology, there is the possibility of tapping into a larger number of funding sources, including crowdfunding or asset tokenization.
  2. Uncensored collaboration: Traditional Science is often susceptible to political or corporate influences, which can lead to censorship or restrictions on research. In DeSci, thanks to the use of blockchain technology, research processes are more resistant to manipulation and provide an open, independent flow of information.
  3. Open access to research data: In DeSci, research data is typically stored and shared via blockchain, providing open access to all interested parties. This means that research findings are easily accessible and can be freely utilized by scientists, researchers, and other interested parties.
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Advantages of DeSci through Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in DeSci, enabling:

  • Decentralization: Research processes are decentralized and independent of central authorities or institutions, promoting greater equality and fairness.
  • Transparency: Through blockchain transparency, anyone can track the history of research data from its source, increasing trust and credibility in the research.
  • Security: Data stored on the blockchain is secured against modification or deletion, ensuring the integrity and immutability of research data.


Decentralized Science (DeSci) is not just a movement, but also a revolution in the way scientific research is conducted. By leveraging Web3 technologies such as blockchain, DeSci enables greater openness, flexibility, and accessibility in the research process. Transitioning from TradSci to DeSci can provide more equitable, independent, and effective scientific research that contributes to progress in various fields of science and technology.

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